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 As a leading approved Site Inspection company in the UK, Salus ensures the maintenance of building compliance standards in all kinds of construction projects, both domestic and commercial. Here’s how we helped them digitise their processes with a Site Inspection App.

Setting the scene

The site inspections at Salus involved a manual, inefficient, and time-consuming process. Using a clipboard and printed form, they would visit a site recording notes on a paper form while taking pictures on their mobile phone. Upon completion, an inspector would travel to the next inspection & repeat the process. 


Following the inspections that day, the inspector would hand deliver all the completed forms to their nearest office so an administrator could type them up and email the images. In some cases, this can happen days if not weeks after the initial inspection. The administrator would then formats the document. An inspector has to approve it before being sent to the customer. With inspectors on-site, and their busy schedules, it could take several hours or even days to issue the client their approved document.

How we did it

We worked closely with the Site Inspectors from several different offices to align an agreed process for completing an inspection. One of our development team attended a site inspection, monitoring the inspector as he carried out his work.


Gain a better understanding of their current process and how they operate


Create a skeleton of the future solution so all stakeholders can see the key elements

Backlog Creation

Make a product backlog (a list of tasks and features) based on User Stories (end goals)

Once we were confident that we understood this well enough, we started working on the development. This was another project we performed in weekly sprints. This kept our client informed of our progress at every step of the project and created a continuous feedback loop where we could quickly adapt to change as the product’s features and outcomes were refined throughout the project. 

Solution – Site Inspection App

We designed a mobile Site Inspection app using Microsoft Power Platform, included in the licenses they already had. The app enabled Site Inspectors to take digital notes, record actions, add images and complete an inspection, all from their mobile device.


When the inspection is complete on the phone, a document is automatically produced and sent to the Project Manager for approval. Following the Project Managers approval, the document is sent to their customer automatically by the app.


We designed a mobile application for them using Microsoft Power Apps, a license they already had. This enabled Site Inspectors to take notes, record actions, add images and complete an inspection from their mobile device.

When the inspection is complete on the phone, a document is automatically produced and sent to the Project Manager for approval. After the Project Manager approves the document, by clicking ‘Approve’ in the email sent to them containing it, the document is automatically sent to their customer. 

Technologies we used

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Power Apps

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Power Automate

Azure SQL Database


The use of a uniform site inspection procedure throughout the organisation

No administrative steps between the completion of an inspection and the delivery of the document

The entire process is paperless (email-based)

An intuitive dashboard for analysing and making decisions based on the data