Our Ethics Statement

Nimbitech grew out of a desire to create a new kind of technology company and to make consultancy more inclusive by putting customer needs first. For us, good business and ethics go hand in hand. We believe that businesses should be aware of their social, economic and environmental impact and their responsibilities to pursue the social good. This policy outlines how our values and ethics shape our business and the way we work. At the core of our value system is a belief in transparency, fairness and inclusion. This means no hidden or rip-off fees and no hard sell. It also means listening to our customers.

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Workplace Culture

We are committed to providing a workplace culture that reflects our values of fairness, equity, inclusion, compassion and non-discrimination. Our employees should be – and feel – safe from harassment and bullying. They should be – and feel – free to discuss concerns about our operations internally or externally without fear of consequences.

Living Wage

We are a Living Wage Employer and are committed to paying our employees a wage that meets the costs of living, not just the government minimum.


We are committed to developing business relationships with high quality partners who themselves are committed to operating under ethical and environmental standards equivalent to our own – including in the fair treatment of customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Technology for Good

We recognise that digital technologies including artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain, as well as technologies yet to be invented, have the potential to be a force for good, reducing inequalities, saving resources, eradicating disease and promoting economic and educational advancement. But we also recognise they can have harmful impacts. We, therefore, commit to doing what we can to:

  • Ensure the benefits of our technology can be shared equitably across all parts of society

  • Promote and maintain human rights in the production and implementation of our technology

  • Help our workforce develop the skills they need to adapt to new technology and the future of work

  • Help protect our people’s health and wellbeing as they use our technology

  • Maintain best-in-class processes to protect client and personal data, as well as commercially sensitive data of other businesses we engage with

  • Ensure we do not build bias, prejudice or discrimination into our algorithms or any part of our technological processes

  • Be alert to the social, economic and environmental impacts of our technology.

Our commitment to sustainability


We are committed to the pursuit of ecological sustainability and to combating climate change. We endeavour to protect the natural environment through practising energy and resource efficiency, recycling and using sustainable waste management.


We are committed to using our voices to stand up for causes related to our business in line with our values and ethics.

Our Commitments


Employees have 16 hours paid leave per year to undertake a volunteering activity of their choice.


We will not do anything in our tax affairs that runs contrary to either the letter or spirit of tax legislation in the UK and any other country in which we are liable for tax.

Board Members

We will strive to draw our board and senior management team from a diverse pool with the express purpose of establishing a varied mix of skills, experience and outlook. Board members will be screened for conflicts of interest and relationships with companies that do not meet our values and ethics.