We help our customers undergo digital transformation using tools like Microsoft 365 and Azure. We undertake user research to develop technical strategies with you, build web and mobile applications, work with you to understand your business processes and automate them, we integrate systems and we develop data-driven dashboards to provide you with the insights you need into your workforce.

What we specialize in

We specialize in a wide array of fields to help your realise your transformation

From web forms to business processes. We building PowerApps that make things easier and usually end up being the glue that holds things together. The PowerApp might be tying together pieces of data usually help separately on peoples computers, could be the start of introducing machine learning. It could also be a cultural innovating to keep your team together whilst working remotely

We understand there’s a lot of different things going on in Azure and sometimes it can be confusing to work out what the best technology to use is. Our team of consultants help our customers understand the best services to use.
We’ve also helped our customers map out there journey from an office server setup to being fully managed by a cloud experience

Here at Nimbitech, we understand that things change over time and actively encourage it. Things in the digital world move fast and applications will need to be expanded upon or changed to cope with new business directions.

We provide ongoing support in many different ways and can help ensure that your critical applications keep evolving and continue to be secure

Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective. Maybe you need some help finding the value you’re trying to achieve or you just need someone that has already done something to help guide and reduce any future mistakes

This is where we can help kick start your transformation. We take any of the worries out of new experiments and bring a lot of experience, learning, research and practices to help empower your innovation initiatives and help you map the value at every touchpoint within your business

Microsoft Partners

We’ve use the following services to help deliver your value

“Our industry does not respect tradition. What it respects is innovation.”

Satya Nadella