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Company Values

Discover our core company values that shape our work culture and drive growth. We believe in exploration, simplicity, integrity, evolution, and teamwork.


by Nick Stewart


We understands the important role company values play in aligning the business culture. We see values as the foundation for which to build the company. We have seen several companies start to scale and have real problems trying to retrospectively address their culture, which by this time is often too late or very difficult to change.

We believe the following values will create the work culture we are looking for, allowing us to grow the company with confidence.

We are Explorers

We are not content and are always looking over the horizon. Being an explorer allows us the freedom to experiment and fail in the pursuit of progress.

  • Grant each other permission to fail masterfully
  • Demonstrate courage when faced with challenges and opportunities
  • Find creative solutions to help our customers and teammates succeed
  • Look beyond what’s currently possible to anticipate future needs

We seek Simplicity

We believe that keeping things simple allows us to move fast and bring people with us. We aim for simplicity in everything we do, we fight against complexity and confusion so that we can focus on what truly matters. No red tape around here.

  • Aim for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically
  • Remove complexity, complication, and confusion, whether for our customers, partners or teammates
  • Find ways to reduce the noise and get to the core of what truly matters
  • Always communicate clearly and avoid using jargon

We are Guardians of Good

We believe in doing the right thing even when no one else is looking. We act with integrity, take ownership, and treat everyone with respect. We give trust from the get-go.

  • Act with integrity and follow through on your commitments
  • Take ownership for your actions and apply good judgment when making decisions
  • Treat everyone with respect by being open and honest
  • Trust each other to do the right thing
  • We always do the right thing, our directions are never steered by adversity

We strive to Evolve

We are humble enough to know we can always get better. We focus on continuous improvement, embrace change and take ownership for our individual and collective performance

  • Take responsibility for your performance and development
  • Own and learn from your mistakes and encourage others to do the same
  • Adopt a continuous improvement mindset and share our superpowers
  • Embrace change and always look for opportunities to evolve
  • Be yourself, bring your perspective and use your voice

We are Musketeers

We are one team. We treat each other like family and value people who show compassion. We leverage our collective strengths and actively give and seek feedback. We are inclusive, respectful and celebrate our differences

  • Recognize and harness the strengths and contributions of others
  • Give and seek feedback to support personal development
  • Treat each other with respect, compassion and care
  • Champion inclusion and celebrate our differences
  • Collaborate to deliver the best outcome for our customers