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Fulcrum IT Partners Expands Reach with Acquisition of Nimbitech: A Strategic move in Digital Innovation

This notable strategic decision broadens its range of services to encompass Microsoft’s Power Platform, thereby establishing an industry leading solution for businesses seeking to enhance their productivity and efficiency.


by Jade Le


January 19, 2024 – Toronto, Canada – Fulcrum IT Partners (“Fulcrum”), a leader in delivering verticalised comprehensive IT solutions, announced its acquisition of Razor, a pioneering firm at the forefront of data and artificial intelligence technology. Alongside Razor, Fulcrum is acquiring two related entities, REYT and Nimbitech. These acquisitions are a key step in Fulcrum’s commitment to creating a data-focused ecosystem, representing a significant enhancement to its technology portfolio. This acquisition underlines Fulcrum’s commitment, through its innovation incubator Fulcrum Labs to deliver data-driven outcomes to its customers.

Nimbitech’s integration into Fulcrum brings together deep vertical expertise with cutting-edge data-driven solutions, highlighting Fulcrum’s commitment to elevating customer experiences through innovative technology. The acquisition strategically positions Fulcrum to utilize back-office data to drive revenue and deliver better outcomes for customers.

This collaboration is set to change the way Fulcrum utilizes data, bridging the gap between back-office infrastructure and front-office solutions. Nimbitech’s expertise in Microsoft Power Platform will augment Fulcrum’s existing technology solutions, offering an unparalleled advantage in the marketplace.

We’ve been delighted to receive such a warm welcome to the Fulcrum IT Partners family. This partnership allows us to grow and scale our already successful offering as we continue to disrupt the industry and revolutionise businesses.

Said Nick Steward, Director at Nimbitech.

By integrating Nimbitech’s advanced capabilities, Fulcrum is not just expanding its service offerings but is also redefining the standards of technological innovation in the industry.

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Fulcrum IT Partners is the parent company of a diverse portfolio of established and successful IT solution companies in the UK, Canada, and the U.S. With expertise in cybersecurity, cloud, consumption-based IT, and managed services, Fulcrum is committed to delivering superior outcomes and innovative solutions in IT.