Blog Post

Starting Our Journey

Follow our blog post as we embark on an exciting adventure, leaving corporate IT to build a company with a different work culture and ethical values.


by James Bolton


Time to put our money where our mouths are. A turning point in our lives. After working in corporate IT for several years, we have quit our jobs and are starting our journey, that could be the craziest and scariest adventure of our lives.

In this very first blog post, we are going to explain why we are taking this step. We are convinced that work should be a lot more fun than it currently is for most people and should be ethical for our customers.

We are not willing to settle for ‘an OK job’, we are not willing to get through a job with the single goal of career advancement, and we are definitely not willing to do a job we don’t love because “work is not always fun, but it’s part of life”.

Instead, we want to love what we do. We want to be 100% passionate about our work. We want to get the most out of ourselves, and we believe that the only way to do that is to do something we truly love. Recently, it dawned on us what precisely that was. Looking backwards, it seems all too obvious.

Without us realising it, this has been accumulating in our minds for a very long time. As Steve Jobs once put it: “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”. So let’s connect the dots together when looking backwards

Firstly, this company would be run in a completely different way than any other company had ever been run before. We want to have the happiest and most productive employees in the world to work with us; they would not work more than seven hours a day, and they could take a nap whenever they wanted.

We also found that we weren’t happy with how many lies seem to happen in the industry when dealing with clients. It didn’t seem right to us that people were being charged fixed costs and sometimes paid for the time that wasn’t even being used. To help combat this, we believed that customers should be charged hourly rather than daily, and a constant feedback loop should be introduced to make sure everyone knew what was happening at every step.

Finally, the way modern companies view IT as a separate function from their main activities isnt working. This is mainly due to old practices and architectures being put in place that causes blockers which helps to clutter the process of smooth delivery. We realised that to fix this we needed to adopt a more user-centric development process that uses a mixture of Agile, Lean and DevOps methodologies. By doing this, we can start to help companies realise that IT is part of every company decision.

We loved getting to know these subjects more over time. Once the pieces started to fall into the place, and our dots slowly started to connect together. It was time that we began to follow our passion. We will frequently blog, post on social media and share our experiences about starting our journey as we get further along this process, in the hopes that others feel inspired to do the same or wish to join us.