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The Nimbitech Rebranding Journey

Rebranding is a daring venture, fraught with potential setbacks. At Nimbitech, we were acutely aware of the risks, but we were determined to transform ourselves into an unforgettable brand .


by Jade Le


Rebranding is a daring venture, fraught with potential setbacks. At Nimbitech, we were acutely aware of the risks, but we were determined to transform ourselves into an unforgettable brand . Our journey began when Razor, with their dynamic team of designers, joined hands with us to embark on this transformative journey.

Defining Our Goals

In our pursuit of rebranding excellence, we set three primary objectives:

  1. Craft a visually distinctive identity that unmistakably screams "Nimbitech."
  2. Create an engaging, user-friendly design that enhances our clients’ experience.
  3. Reflect and reinforce our core values that have defined us since day one.

To achieve these objectives, we initiated the project with an intensive discovery phase, where Razor designers delved deep into our essence, fostering a seamless exchange of ideas and mutual understanding.

Capturing Nimbitech's Essence

Razor's dedicated efforts to comprehend Nimbitech went above and beyond. They gathered insights into our preferences, interests, and values, aiming not only to align with our direction but also to encapsulate our team's spirit. Aidan Minton, Razor’s lead visual designer, articulated their mission:

Our aim was to drive this process by aligning with Nimbitech's direction, core values, and the essence of the team we interacted with." After extensive discussions, a thrilling concept began to take shape. Jonathan Price, Razor’s digital designer, shared their idea: "We discovered that gaming played a significant role within the Nimbitech team. This revelation opened up a world of possibilities, leading us to embrace a retro, 8-bit pixelated style.

The 8-bit retro gaming aesthetic became the heart of our new brand identity, striking a chord with our customers and internal stakeholders, further accentuated by the iconic, tangerine orange colour we already know and love.

The Design Process

The design process included two rounds of amendments to ensure alignment with our vision and meticulous attention to detail. The website was rebuilt from scratch, with a mobile-first approach that prioritised content delivery and user engagement. Jonathan emphasised the importance of visual design elements:

We strategically added visual elements only when they enhanced the user's focus on content and messaging.

The research phase involved collecting inspiration from the gaming world, laying the foundation for our design concepts.

Training and Transition

Completing the website was just the beginning. Collaborating closely with Razor, we received the necessary training to manage the site effectively. Utilising StoryBlok as our Content Management System, Razor ensured a seamless transition. Aidan affirmed their commitment:

We provided training and ongoing assistance to ensure the site's continued smooth operation, so the Nimbitech team can confidently take over the management and maintenance after handover.


Nimbitech has emerged from this rebranding journey with a fresh, engaging, and user-centric identity. Razor's dedicated team played a pivotal role in helping us rediscover our uniqueness and translate it into a compelling image. In just one month, we've witnessed a remarkable increase in our social media engagement, a testament to the power of a well-executed rebrand.

In an era of personal branding, we recognise the importance of conveying our message, vision, and values effectively. With our new brand, we are poised to showcase our expertise to the world and embrace the future with confidence. Join us on this exciting journey of transformation. Visit our website, follow us on social media, and be a part of the Nimbitech experience. Together, we're ready to rock the future.