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The Value of Strong Workplace Relationships Part 1: Why?

Fostering positive workplace relationships and a strong company culture can lead to happier employees, increased productivity, and higher retention rates. Learn how to create a thriving work environment.


by Lewis Russell


Amid the busy, intense world of work, it’s easy to forget that those of us who work full-time in one position spend more time working with our colleagues than we do at home with our families, now more than ever workplace relationships are important. Taking this into account it’s clear that the happier and healthier your working environment is the happier you are in your personal life, and this is the same for our colleagues. Recent events have shifted people’s working environment massively and we have seen a huge rise in hybrid and remote working resulting in many people feeling isolated.

We want to use this time to discuss why positive company culture and strong employee relationships are the backbone of efficiency and productive collaboration. In Part 1 we will explore why these factors have an effect on employee satisfaction and in Part 2 we will provide some suggestions on how to be a catalyst and facilitator for strong workplace relationships and a valuable employee experience.

Better morale

This is the obvious one, as we mentioned we spend a huge portion of our time working alongside or communicating with our co-workers, so it goes without saying that a more positive relationship can increase employee morale. As co-workers become more friendly, they often look forward to spending time together while doing their work and this creates a happier employee experience and a more productive workplace. Conversely, a rigid and strict working environment with no room for building a relationship can have the opposite effect and cause strain on relationships within the workplace.

Higher retention

Strong employee bonds create a sense of community within a business – the more employees feel a sense of belonging, the happier they are, and they are less likely to seek out alternative employment. Workplace relationships can take time to build and the prospect of having to join a new business and build these bonds again can be scary, but if they feel no attachment to their workplace and no alignment with the company culture, then they are more likely to find new prospects.

Improved collaboration

Employees who know, like and respect each other are more likely to be happy coming to work and collaborating on a project to ensure the best possible outcome. This is the same as peers in a school and the same way that two students who were not on good terms would not want to sit next to each other. Colleagues who are not close or do not know each other may find it hard to break the ice and work efficiently together. The more that we ensure all our employees have a positive workplace experience, the more efficiently projects will be completed and if strong bonds are made, we can trust any staff to collaborate efficiently and effectively without worry of running into social problems.

Increase in productivity

This goes hand-in-hand with the ‘Improved collaboration’ section – the better employee relationships are the more efficiently and effectively people will work both in groups and independently. If an employee is satisfied in their work, has positive workplace relationships and knows that they have the support of their colleagues, they will have the confidence to go that extra mile because they know that support is there for them, and their efforts won’t go un-noticed. They never feel alone in their work.

Sharing common goals, values, and loyalty

When an employee feels as though they belong within the company culture and that they contribute to the business on a whole then they are more likely to work more productively and do what is right by the business. As employees create stronger relationships, they will often align their goals and values as they progress in their careers. This means that if the company culture is supportive and nurturing employees will thrive and help the business move forward as a whole.

Our Thoughts!

At Nimbitech we have a huge focus on our company’s culture and values. Even when we look to bring on new employees, we need to know that they align with our culture and values as this is the backbone of our business and how we work. The strong bonds we build contribute to the productive, efficient, and trust-based work ethic we have. This is because, as a small business, we are all big contributors to the overall progress and position of the company.