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First Aid Inventory App

Cartonplast (UK) Ltd

Cartonplast (UK) Ltd are a global leader in the field of processing and servicing of reusable layer pads, used in the transportation of glass containers and cans for the food, cosmetics or pharma industry.

Here’s how we helped them digitise their strict auditing process with a First Aid Inventory Power App.

How Cartonplast (UK) Ltd traditionally inspected their First Aid boxes

Cartonplast (UK) Ltd's First Aid boxes are positioned at various locations around their facility. To ensure compliance is maintained, it is necessary to inspect each of the boxes regularly to ensure its contents are in date and within the correct box (e.g. eyewash bottles).

A monthly First Aid check is undertaken by the Production Manager onsite, who emptied each box, recorded the date on each item and restocked the items when necessary. Each month, this information was recorded on paper and repeated eight times across the site, taking several hours of the Production Managers’ time to complete.

The problem

What made this process unsustainable?

There was no visualised data:

  • The completed paperwork was filed away in a drawer, giving Cartonplast (UK) Ltd no visibility of the data

  • There was the opportunity for an item to be used, before the Production Manager had a chance to replace it, potentially leading to serious consequences

Time-consuming inspection process:

  • All the record and inspection of each item are on paper forms

  • The process is repeated 8 times, taking several hours for Production Managers to proceed all the paperwork

The solution we offered

Working with the Production Manager, our team created a mobile-friendly Power App with a checklist of items included in every first aid box on Cartonplast (UK) Ltd’s premises, organised by location.

Now, for each inspection, all checkpoints need to be completed and the applicable dates entered into the application before a submission can be allowed.

Expiration dates are stored within the app until the item needs to be replaced. Cartonplast (UK) Ltd can oversee the first aid box items within SharePoint, and can change their locations if needed.

Technologies we used for the development of this project

microsoft power apps
Power Apps
microsoft power automate
Power Automate
microsoft sharepoint

The outcome

What is the current status of their operations?

  • Production Managers now find it considerably easier to conduct mandatory first aid box inspections.

  • Time taken to complete a First Aid inspection has been reduced from hours to minutes.

  • Production Managers can effortlessly access retrospective inspection data.

  • Ensuring a significant risk reduction by promptly notifying Production Managers of items nearing expiration dates.

The new process for First Aid check

Assess the First Aid boxes
Note all inspections in the app
Notify of expired items
Digitally approved by Managers
Deliver to clients swiftly

The app experience

"Wow! For a first go at collaborating with a software company to write an app – this was amazing: Nick, Phil, Mark, and Leighton were focussed from the very beginning on ensuring we had the best possible experience – and everything just flowed from that.

In just 2 weeks, we have an app that is exactly what we’d hoped for – top marks to Nimbitech."

James Perryer

James Perryer

Managing Director, Cartonplast (UK) Ltd