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Document Legislation App


Discover ProAktive’s ticket to super-fast document updates. No more blurry-eyed employees poring over countless versions of documents scattered across SharePoint. With our Document Legislation App, updating documents is now as simple as a few clicks away.


Established in 1975, ProAktive is a leading provider of comprehensive insurance, health and safety management, HR support, and environmental monitoring solutions throughout the UK. Recognised as a 'Chartered Insurance Broker' by the Chartered Insurance Institute, they demonstrate an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of knowledge and capability within their team. With experienced risk advisers, ProAktive consistently delivers exceptional value to clients, fostering long-term relationships and tailoring top-notch services to meet their diverse needs.

The chore of updating documents previously at ProAktive

ProAktive staff endured the cumbersome manual process of updating documents, where crucial HR policy documents were stored across various SharePoint locations, each with different versions. Whenever a change was made to one of these, all the other versions required updating to reflect the same changes. To do this, ProAktive staff located all the versions themselves, and manually updated every single one.

The problem

It's just a few documents. What's the big deal?

  • Unnecessary time consumption: ProAktive's staff were drowning in a sea of document versions, spending valuable time updating minute details.

  • High risk of missing versions: Manual updates lead to inconsistencies and errors.

Our solution

To help ProAktive solve their frustration in updating their document, we developed an app that automates the generation of Word documents. Developed by Power Automate, the app simplifies the process by offering users two input boxes: one for specifying the text to be replaced and another for entering the new version. Once initiated, the app retrieves the original template, automatically replaces the specified text across all versions, and seamlessly saves them in SharePoint.

Technologies we used for the development of this project

microsoft power apps
Power Apps
microsoft power automate
Power Automate
microsoft sharepoint

The outcomes

  • Time is Money: Our app slashes document updating time from hours to minutes, allowing ProAktive staff to focus on tasks that truly matter.

  • Precision Guaranteed: With 100% accuracy, our app ensures that every document is updated, eliminating the risk of missing versions and maintaining consistency and professionalism.

How are they working now?

Find the template in need of an update
Input the new version into the app
The app auto-updates across all versions
Save the new versions in SharePoint