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Process Monitoring App


Discover how Wavin, an industry leading manufacturer, addressed a common major challenge in their industry: preserving expertise as their seasoned professionals approach retirement. With Nimbitech’s aid, Wavin can sleep easy knowing their technicians can capture crucial business critical knowledge, ensuring the next generation’s success.


Wavin is the leading supplier of drainage piping solutions for above and below ground projects. Their focus is on safe, sustainable, and efficient water supply; better sanitation and hygiene; creating climate-resilient cities and ensuring better building performance for generations to come.

The impending loss of invaluable expertise at Wavin

Wavin faced a looming crisis of losing their wealth of expertise, due to the absence of a formalised method to capture and store the technicians’ critical process knowledge about their manufacturing operations. With a significant portion of their technicians over the age of 50, the imminent retirement of these seasoned professionals threatened to drain the organisation of invaluable knowledge, putting its operations and competitive edge at risk.

The solution we developed

To address this challenge, we developed an innovative app empowering Wavin technicians to seamlessly document their insights and expertise as they engage in their daily tasks. The app facilitates the identification of issues, allowing technicians to update the system with comprehensive details regarding the problem, its underlying causes, potential risks, and the appropriate resolution methods.

The app also boasts a user-friendly intuitive interface enriched with clear instructions and visuals, ensuring accessibility to all authorised personnel. Notably, it streamlines equipment management, providing a transparent history of machine inspections and repairs. The app also features a built-in chat function to allow workers to communicate and problem solve collaboratively.

Technologies we used for the development of this project

microsoft power apps
Power Apps
microsoft power automate
Power Automate

The outcomes

  • Increased efficiency: Improve onboarding process, saving weeks and months of training for new technicians.

  • Safeguarded knowledge: Equip all employees with the competence to promptly address equipment issues, thereby ensuring Wavin's smooth manufacturing process.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Facilitate seamless workflow and shift transitions to minimise workers’ confusion and redundant tasks, ultimately boosting Wavin's productivity.

How Wavin ensures the next generations success:

Carry out daily machinery check
Raise alarms when an issue arises
Investigate the problem and fix it
Document knowledge whilst working
Submit new suggestions
New knowledge is approved and shared